Omaha Girls Rock Presents... Madonna!


"Omaha Girls Rock Presents..Madonna” was our organization’s inaugural fundraiser, held on October 7, 2017. As an organization and as a fundraising event, it is our goal each year to celebrate the music of female artists, especially artists that have used their music and art to emphasize their voice and what they believe in. We feel Madonna was the perfect choice for our inaugural event. Madonna once said, “As women, we have to start appreciating our own worth and each other’s worth”. She understands the need to strengthen one’s self and be a champion of each other. Her music is celebratory and inspiring and we felt perfect for our first celebration.

We were so excited to present the debut of the band Material Girl! Material Girl’s members are all volunteers of OGR. They are professional musicians, teachers, tech experts, managers, stylists, and artists. They were simply amazing!  

Thank you to Kait, Annie, Kat, Makesha, Kate, Amanda, Hannah and Eris for their amazing work and talent!


Our event celebrated the experiences of our campers and the importance of our volunteers.  We were lucky to have 3 former and current campers share their experiences of how OGR has positively effected their lives.  In addition, we honored one volunteer who has stood out as a strong, individual female mentor to our participants.  Darcy has been with the organization since 2012 and has dedicated every summer (and more!) since then to providing mentorship and creative education through her curated workshop, Herstory.


Our first fundraiser was a success and has set us in a positive direction to continue to build programming for more young women in the Omaha metro area so they can find their powerful voice.


Thank you to the following for sponsoring our event:


The Blackstone Meatball, Ground Floor Guitar, Pageturners Lounge, Rebecca Forsyth, Steve and Kay Tafolla, Kacie Baum, Caroline Rogers, Jonathon and Sarah Rogers

OGR PresentsMelissa Wurth