Quotes from Queens: A 2018 Word Wrap Up


To end December and the year 2018, OGR spent some time reflecting on the folks who make the work happen on the ground-level. We spoke with volunteers, teaching artists, volunteer committee members, and staff to piece together an image that represents the passion all of these folks have poured into our community. After collecting over a dozen different stories, we generated a quote cloud filled with 50 repeated words that represented our team’s experiences with OGR.  Look it over and let us know in the comments which words resonate with you the most!

We also wanted to highlight just a few of our favorite quotes we received. Read on to learn why people believe that investing in OGR is investing in Omaha’s future:


“Volunteering at OGR consisted of creating a safe space to foster growth and creativity among Omaha’s young female rockers! I loved working with OGR because I was able to give back to a part of the community that helped shaped me into the person I am today. Each day at camp involved a new adventure, always with the same loving, positive, and infectious energy that has stayed with me for months after!” – Olivia Klein, volunteer


“I’m a Teaching Artist with OGR and work with students in King Science’s after school program. I wound up in my position largely because I somehow always end up talking about womxn and music, which led me to meeting some awesome folks who’ve worked for Girls Rock. There’s genuinely nothing I care about more than creating space for womxn to exist freely and confidently in this world. And there’s really no greater tool (in my opinion) than music to give people a voice and space to explore their identity. It’s a dream that organizations like OGR exist and that I get to work with such brilliant and talented young people!” - Alissa Shanahan, TA


“OGR is changing the face of leadership in our community. By investing time into our young women and girls, we are helping them develop the skills and resources to be the leaders our community will need in the future.” – Shonna Dorsey, Chair of 2019 Executive Board


“I discovered OGR after it's first year when my son was 2 years old and I was 100% in from then on. It filled the void musically, but did something else that was beautiful. It allowed me to be part of a collective safe space for femme identifying and gender expansive youth that lifted up, embraced, enlightened, nurtured, and empowered them. It was the camp that, had it been around when I was very much a struggling pre-teen and teen, would have drastically altered my narrative for my young adult life and self-esteem.” – Kat Ludwick, Program Director