Our Mission 

Omaha Girls Rock’s mission is to empower youth to find their unique voice through music education, performance and creativity.  Our goal is to cultivate strong, contributing members of our community.  Their future starts with Omaha Girls Rock.



Through the powerful tool of music and collaboration, our programs develop confidence, self reliance and original thinking.  By encouraging our students to apply these principles in all aspects of their lives, they will grow into stronger, more valuable citizens.

2017 brought many changes and successes for Omaha Girls Rock (OGR).  As we complete our 7th year of operation, it's clear that we are accomplishing what we first set out to do:  to make a positive impact in the Omaha community through the empowerment of female-identifying youth.  We've learned a lot about ourselves and continue to make plans to better our organization going forward.
In June of 2017, I made the difficult but necessary decision to leave my career as a teacher to come into my role as Executive Director, full time.  I believe I am so lucky to have this chance.  Since I have taken on this role, we completed another successful term of Youth and Teen summer camps in July, hosted a very successful inaugural annual fundraiser, "Omaha Girls Rock Presents.." and moved into The Weitz Community Engagement Center on UNO's campus!  
Omaha Girls Rock is evolving into something that extends far beyond just a camp for music education.  Our inclusive, comprehensive approach to educating the young people we come in contact with truly makes a difference.  OGR programming is designed to help girls recognize and appreciate their own unique value.  Our goal is to inspire them to apply that value to make a positive impact in their community.  As our campers grow up, it is very evident the effect we have on their lives.  Our campers are making a difference!  They are standing up and making their voices heard!! They are activists, musicians, creators and leaders!  
So, we look ahead to 2018, during which we'll be bringing two new programs to the community.  In conjunction with Omaha Public Library and Omaha Performing Arts, we are excited to reach even the smallest voices with our Little Girls Rock (LGR) programming!  LGR allows youth, ages 4-6 and 7-9 to experience leadership, teamwork and community through basic music education, exposure to various instruments and original song writing.  We are also excited to continue our partnership with Girls, Inc and to bring their students in-depth instrument instruction and exposure to different music genres and female musicians throughout history.
I feel so honored to lead this organization in reaching as many young women as possible and supporting them on their journey to become leaders, change makers and creators.  These young women are the future of Omaha and they start with us!
Much love, 
Melissa Wurth, E.D.
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Melissa Wurth
Executive Director, Omaha Girls Rock


Omaha Girls Rock core values:

  1. The positive relationship built between mentor and youth

  2. The powerful ability of creativity to promote self-confidence and help youth find their unique voice.

  3. Individuality

  4. Integrity, honesty, and respect

  5. Diversity and openness for all