Our Mission: 

Omaha Girls Rock’s mission is to empower youth to find their unique voice through music education, performance and creativity.  Our goal is to cultivate strong, contributing members of our community.  Their future starts with Omaha Girls Rock.



Our Vision:

Through the powerful tool of music and collaboration, our programs develop confidence, self reliance and original thinking.  By encouraging our students to apply these principles in all aspects of their lives, they will grow into stronger, more valuable citizens.


Our core values:

  1. The positive relationship built between mentor and youth

  2. The powerful ability of creativity to promote self-confidence and help youth find their unique voice.

  3. Individuality

  4. Integrity, honesty, and respect

  5. Diversity and openness for all


Omaha Girls Rock is all about community. Building community, accessing our community’s resources, understanding how the community should grow, develop and improve.

When our founder, Stefanie Drootin-Senseney, started Omaha Girls Rock, her goal was to create space to teach youth to use their voice for positive impact on their community - however they see fit. OGR teaches youth about the power of music and creative expression as a way to use that voice. Through songwriting, skill-based instrument instruction, collaborating with a band, using technology as a creative tool, and understanding the “Herstory” of women in music, we empower them to be positive participants in their world.

As our campers grow up, it is very evident the effect we have on their lives. Our campers are making a difference! They are standing up and making their voices heard!! They are activists, musicians, creators and leaders!

Our community of volunteers and teaching artists continue to grow as we expand our services. Our outreach is greater than ever, therefore making an impact on more youth.

We couldn’t do this without the support of our community - like you! Please check out how we can use your support. Thank YOU!

I feel so honored to lead this organization in reaching as many young people as possible and supporting them on their journey to become leaders, change makers and creators. These young women are the future of Omaha and they start with us!

Much love,

Melissa Wurth

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Melissa Wurth
Executive Director, Omaha Girls Rock