Our Mission 

Empower young women to find their unique voice through creativity, music education and performance.


Through the powerful tool of musical experience and collaboration, our vision is to cultivate strong values in female-identifying youth, developing confidence, self reliance, and original thinking.  By encouraging our female-identifying mentees to apply these principles in all aspects of their lives, we hope to help them grow into stronger and more valuable members of their community.

I love Omaha! I love Omaha's community and the ever-growing community of Omaha Girls Rock.  I find myself in awe of our  totally impassioned community of volunteers who embody OGR values and understand the importance of guiding young women to find their creative voice.  I am in awe of our growing number of community partners who are understand the importance of collaboration to fully serve those in need.  
Finally, I am in awe of the community of strong, young women using their voice..  We have reached the point in this organization that girls are “graduating” out and making a mark on their community through social activism, community participation, as well as artistic and academic success.  In addition, we have young women coming back to OGR to be Junior Mentors for our new crop of creative female wonders.  I am most excited about this because it really shows how Omaha GIrls Rock makes a difference in these young girls’ lives in that they want to give back- show what they have learned!
I am ever conscious of OGR’s necessity to be present in our community, and not being able to do it alone.  So, thank YOU for your support and belief in the importance of what we do.  It’s all for those girls.  And so we look to 2017.  What a year it will be- I am coming on full time as director in June of this year.  My focus is to hold Omaha Girls Rock up to the standards of our new political climate- to bring hope and a positive, safe space for girls to express themselves.
Melissa Wurth, E.D.
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Melissa Wurth
Executive Director, Omaha Girls Rock


Omaha Girls Rock core values:

  1. The positive relationship built between mentor and youth

  2. The powerful ability of creativity to promote self-confidence and help young women find their unique voice.

  3. Individuality

  4. Integrity, honesty, and respect

  5. Diversity and openness for all