Success Stories


Omaha Girls Rock curriculum is designed to empower young women through arts education.  We help girls to develop a sense of self-efficacy as they work through the creative process.  A growing body of research shows that girls in particular benefit form empowerment through music.


Growth Mindset

Free expression through the arts has been linked to an increased sense of accomplishment & self-confidence that helps students to succeed in other content areas. The arts teach students how to turn barriers into opportunities, to persist in the face of challenges, and motivate students to achieve mastery of skills. 


Arts-integration and music aid in the development of abstract reasoning, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Just listening to music helps the brain to visualize and mentally manipulate patterns - a skill necessary for solving multi-step problems. 


In one study, at-risk students who participated
in an after-school arts program were less likely to engage in risky, delinquent, and/or violent behavior.


A growing body of evidence shows that arts education helps students learn and refine language & literacy skills. 


Students who participate in arts education develop traits of active, independent citizens & have been shown to have a greater understanding of the issues in their community & their power to contribute to creative solutions.

It just so happens that confidence contributes to success just as much as competence. So, it’s not surprising, that despite making some great strides, women are still largely underrepresented in positions of power. The good news is that with work, confidence can be acquired - and the gap, in turn, can be closed. Our aim at OGR is to instill in each of our campers the growth mindset she needs to succeed. Potential can be greatly affected by the perceptions girls hold about themselves.

A belief that intelligence and talent are something we are born with and cannot be changed can negatively impact learning and growth. In a growth mindset, girls believe that through perseverance and hard work, knowledge and skills are things that can be developed. A girl with a growth mindset enjoys learning and looks forward to a challenge.

Omaha Girls Rock is focused on developing the self-efficacy of young girls in our community. We achieve this via the intellectual & emotional challenges presented by music and creativity. Our programming creates a uniquely supportive environment where the focus is primarily on process/effort, rather than on results.

Growth Mindset means saying “I CAN if I TRY.” At Omaha Girls Rock, we believe in this message to foster positive self esteem, communication & future thinking. 


“This camp has changed my life.  I have met new people and was introduced to new concepts.  My piano skills have improved and I’ve felt more confident.  

- camper, age 11


“Every year I have a great time.  Sure, it’s a little scary at first, but once you spend some time here it feels like family!”

-camper, age 12

“Omaha Girls Rock creates a space where it’s safe enough for my unsure girl to be brave”

- parent of camper


“I’m not only inspired by the campers and the growth they experience while at camp, but also by my fellow volunteers - who are inspiring women in the Omaha area who do amazing things in the community.”

- volunteer


It takes a village to raise strong and confident young women in today’s complicated and pressurized world.  We parents need the help of positive outside influences.  Thank you, OGR for the lasting impression you made on our daughter.”

- parent of camper

“I’m so glad that this camp can inspire girls to be themselves!”

- camper, age 11