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Articles highlighting women in music 

 Invisible Histories OPS Women in Rock  LOCAL!  Explore Omaha's Hidden Histories. Every summer, 24 Freshmen from Omaha Public Schools take part in a unique program focused on the History of Americans in their city. This is Women in the Indie Rock scene.

Herstory of Women in Rock and Roll  Article listing and sharing relevance of many influential women in the history of Rock and Roll till now.

NPR: A New Canon: In Pop Music, Women Belong at the Center of the Story

Modern Feminism: The Role of Women in Music

20 of the Most Inspiring Women in Music:  List and brief bios with relevance of 20 Inspiring Women in Music

Are these the 10 Most Revolutionary Women in Music?: Article showcasing 10 Femme Changemakers throughout history

In Music Industry, Women Are Behind the Mic, But Rarely Running the Board  Article highlighting women in Texas music scene and the struggle of being a women in a male-dominated field

Telegraph First Aid Kit Interview Country music sisters First Aid Kit explain what it’s like to be a rare female duo in the industry ahead of their debut at the Royal Albert Hall

Sound Engineer Articles:

Don't touch that dial: meet the engineer behind pop's biggest hits Mona Lalwani Article about sound engineer Emily Lazar (Bjork, the Killers)

Meet Laura Sisk, the Grammy-Winning Sound Engineer Behind Your Favorite Pop Hits Short article about grammy award winning sound engineer Laura Sisk (Taylor Swift, Lorde, Pink)

10 Women Sound Engineers Changing The Game Article highlighting 10 Women Sound Engineers

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