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Our volunteers come from all backgrounds, experiences and represent diverse talents.  

Omaha Girls Rock values diversity of age, race, economic status, gender expression, size, physical ability, developmental ability, musical interests, learning styles, nationality, religion, thought, citizenship status, and sexual orientation. We promote respect and do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, or other discriminatory behavior or expression.

Omaha Girls Rock welcomes individuals who self-identify as female, trans, and gender non-conforming to apply for direct volunteer positions at camp. Indirect volunteer roles are open to individuals who self-identify as female, male, trans, and gender non-conforming.

A special note to male-identified allies: Omaha Girls Rock is primarily led by and for women and girls. We also value diversity, inclusion, and sensitivity towards all individuals, regardless of gender identity or expression. The organization welcomes the support of male-identified allies, and expects male-identified allies who would like to volunteer to respect the importance of leadership by women.

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2019 Kick Start! CAMP DATES:

June 17-21st: ages 4-9 years old

Little Girls Rock allows youth to experience leadership, teamwork, and community through basic music education.  Youth will gain exposure to various instruments, will write their own original songs and will participate in a final performance for friends and family on Friday evening at the end of the week!


2019 Youth and Teen CAMP DATES:

July 8-13 (ages 13-16) & July 15-20 (ages 10-12)

Omaha Girls Rock! Summer Camp is an intensive, six-day program featuring instrument instruction, workshops, songwriting/band practice, live performances by visiting artists, and a showcase concert. All camp positions are volunteer positions!


*Band Coach


(Musical experience is great but not necessary!)

Band coaches are assigned to work with a band and help them write their very own song for the showcase. During the week, they assist their assigned band during practice. This ranges from learning how to play as a group (both musically and interpersonally), troubleshooting gear setup, and guiding them in their collaborative songwriting process.

LEAD BAND COACH (Some musical experience/experience in a band preferred)  Must have basic familiarity with music making and songwriting. Don’t feel dissuaded if you do not feel like an expert musician – we try to pair band coaches with complementary skill sets together.

SUPPORT BAND COACH This position is for those that may have a lot of experience working with kids and can help with the basics of structuring a song and help setting up instruments. We can make sure to pair you with someone who is comfortable on multiple instruments but maybe hasn’t ever worked with kids before.

Diverse skill sets are valuable!



*Instrument Instructor


(Musical experience required)  

*Curriculum outline and teaching materials will be provided by OGR!

Instrument Instructors are in charge of giving campers the tools they need to write a song with their band. The goal of instruction is for each camper to feel that she can contribute to the songwriting process and be happy with her part in the song, whatever that may be.

Instrument instructors need to have basic knowledge of their instruments (guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, or drums) and basic music theory to comfortably teach campers with backgrounds ranging from no experience on their instruments to several years of camp under their belt. You will need to work with the other instructors to manage the skill levels and needs of all students in your instrument group.



*Workshop Leader


(No musical experience required)

Workshop leaders lead campers who are loosely divided by age through their workshops. They will need to organize their lessons plans and connect activities to the mission of camp, directly or indirectly. Past workshops have ranged from songwriting to yoga and ecstatic dance, to herstory of women in rock and roll, to representations of women in the media – we are always open to new workshop proposals!





(No musical experience necessary)

Counselors serve as mentors for the campers. This involves checking in with them every morning, eating with them at lunch, sitting with them in morning and/or closing assemblies, making sure they are where they need to be at all times, and offering advice and help throughout the day.

DRAMA TRAUMA:  Drama Trauma is available to provide support, conflict resolution, and crisis management for campers ages 8-18, as well as support for staff and volunteers throughout the week.

WORKSHOP SUPPORT:  Counselors provide support for Workshop Leaders by helping to facilitate activities and work one on one with those struggling to participate or share.

From helping make band rules on day one, to providing collaboration help or managing creative differences midweek, to stage fright prevention on Friday, you’ll provide a new set of ears and a different perspective on a situation — or just a break for a tired band manager.

Experience with youth in a counseling or education environment required.

REQUIRED AVAILABILITY: MORNINGS: 7:30am-12:00pm and/or AFTERNOONS: 12:00pm-4:00pm


*Roadie/ Load In + Load Out Crew


Roadie: Roadies will help set up, break down, and move equipment throughout the week. Responsibilities include setting up the campsite, reconfiguring rooms for band practice and instrument instruction every day, and checking in with instrument instructors/band coaches to make sure they have the proper equipment.  They will follow the direction of the Equipment Manager and help execute the plan as efficiently as possible. Familiarity with musical equipment is a plus, but not required. Roadies must be able to lift about 15 pounds on a regular basis throughout the week.

ROADIE REQUIRED AVAILABILITY: Mornings 7:30 am-9:00 am / Afternoons: 2:30pm-4:30pm

Load In + Load Out Crew: The Load In & Out Crew will load in the gear the day before camp starts and load the gear out at the end of the camp week.





Photo/Video Team documents the camper experience throughout the week and the showcase at the end of each camp. We would love any female/non-binary/gender nonconforming person with an interest in photography, videography or video editing to join the team. Please include your availability on your application and whether or not you will be bringing your own gear. We would love to find Photo/Video team captains who are available all week, but would love to have you join us even one afternoon!  

AVAILABILITY: JULY 9 8:00am-TBD / JULY 17 8:00am-TBD


*Lunch Time Performer

Lunch Time Performer: We are looking for female/nonbinary/gender nonconforming artists to perform a variety of genres for the young campers.

AVAILABILITY: 11:30am- 1:00pm

*Community Speaker

Community Speaker:  Are you a leader in the community that would like to speak to our campers about what you do and what you have learned in your process?  Please give a brief description of your role in a leadership position and what our campers might learn from your talk.  We will follow up with more details!  
AVAILABILITY: 11:30am- 1:00pm


*Peer Mentor

Peer Mentor Eligibility: Youth Camp: Ages 15-18 and/or at least 3 years at OGR Camp // Kick Start: Ages 13-18

Peer Mentors support any and all Omaha Girls Rock programming at Youth Summer Camp and/or Little Girls Rock summer camp (please head to Kick Start page for more info). It is not required to have musical experience to be a Junior Mentor but some experience at OGR Camp is useful (but not required).

Peer Mentors must be self motivated, able to work with youth ages 4-12 years old, have a positive attitude!

OGR will sign off on service hours necessary for academic or service requirements.

AVAILABILITY: Monday-Friday AM (any time 8:00a-noon) or PM (any time noon-4:00p) or All Day (8a-4p)